We track revenue, profit and cash flow.

Then we analyze the data and propose options for better results in your business.

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We deliver the Cash Flow and Advisory Experience.

Our Mission

To help small to medium-sized business be profitable and sustainable.

Our Goals

Our goal is to assist businesses to understand that Profits are more important than Revenue and Cash Flow is more important than Profit.


What We’re Offering

CFO Services

This service allows our team to find the strengths and weakness of your business and determine if there's a leak in your cashflow.
Our team will implement a system to help you determine your 'targets, set scores, and develop an action plan.

Business Consulting

This service allows our team to evaluate if your business is setup with the appropriate business structure and discuss your business goal.

Organizational Training Workshop

My team will teach your business members the importance of Cash Flow and how to manage a profitable and substainable business.


Our Mission, Values and Motto

Our mission is one that offers to give back to the business community.  Our team strives assist business owners with their Revenue, Profits, and Cashflow so business owners can create more freedom and less overwhelm in their business..

Our firm values small businesses and see great opportunities for small business owners but we want to make the opportunities more visible to the owner who may have a blind spot in their business due wearing one than one hat in the business.

Tabitha Hollimon, CFO., EA., MBA

Founder & President

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