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We track revenue, profit and cash flow.  Then we analyze the data and propose options for better results in your business.

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We are Hollimon Strategic Advisors, LLC

We strive to serve the business community through creating financial stability through tracking Revenue, Profits, and Cash Flow.  We analyze the businesses’ financial strengths and weaknesses.  And most importantly, we propose corrective actions also known as The Profit and Cashflow Experience.

The Most Important service we deliver is the ability to assist the business to Generate consistent Positive Cashflow

Our team will work with you and your team on a consistent basis to achieve your goals.  Because of this, you will know what to focus on every month to have a more profitable (and higher cash flowing) business.

Business Targeting

Trackable Financial Metrics and Targets

Planning & Management

Monthly planning and Regular Cash Flow Analysis

Strategy & Positioning

Strategize and Create Objectives 

Industry Expertise

Industry-Specific Driven Goals


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Tabitha Hollimon

Lead Business Advisor

Tabitha is the lead advisor who has a background in Accounting and Tax and Business Growth Strategies. She has earned her MBA in Business Admin with a concentration in Accounting and Business. She specializes in working with small-medium size businesses and entrepreneurial individuals who seek to expand their cash flow capacity. Tabitha observes trends and weaknesses in the business industry and proactively catapults her clients to the next level.
Tabitha has facilitated over 50 small business seminars with an emphasis on bookkeeping and tax knowledge. She has also partnered with financial advisors and payroll specialists to offer a well-rounded community of resources.


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